These are only a few highlights.  There are so many areas needing attention and that you may be passionate about.  I am interested to hear what changes you’d like to see, or what areas you don’t want to see changed.   I believe in a diverse council of varying voices.  I believe in a transparent and approachable leadership.  How we grow as a community depends on everyone.


I was enchanted by the charm of Port Coquitlam in 1997 when I moved here with my husband and son. Growing our family to two boys and a girl, it has been a pleasure to be a part of this city.  I hope addressing some of these areas will continue to keep Port Coquitlam a place to call home.


Recognizing the lack of housing is not just a concern for our own community but is affecting the overall greater Vancouver area.  This is a collective issue that I would collaborate with other municipal leaders to find resolutions.


Considering the housing market is fluid and people come and go dependant on many variables.  There cannot be a single simple solution.


What I do recognize and hear is the need for:

  • affordable rent

  • housing alternatives, and choices

  • senior housing

  • the desire to purchase in an outpriced market


Options to consider as a shared community responsibility:

  • basement suites

  • laneway or coach homes

  • Larger condominiums (sq footage) rather than town house row homes.


As our population navigates through various stages of living, ie, students, singles, retirees, young families, ‘empty nesters’, seniors, etc … are there enough options to retain residents that have contributed to our vibrant city. 


Eg. As a homeowner that is nearer to the ‘empty nest’ stage, I want to stay in this community.  I’ve looked for options to downsize and allow me to stay here, however, the choices are very limited, and so I remain in my house longer. 

Traffic and Commuter Options

As Port Coquitlam grows in density, we have to address how it affects our community on a daily basis.  Residents must be involved and engaged in ways to improve the neighbourhood surrounding them. 


The following are improvements shared with me and I agree need attention:


  • Traffic calming considerations near parks, schools, roadways and within residential areas where increased traffic and speed issues have been identified.

  • Improved bus transit connections and stops.

  • Bus shelters with lighting

  • Clearer bike lanes and accessibility

  • Road and sidewalk upgrades, especially between Pitt River Rd and Broadway along the Maryhill bypass

  • Better drop off and pick up areas for schools.


Safety for our residents should always be at the forefront of decisions made in our city planning. 


Arts & Recreation

The city has made great efforts to promote local artists and put on special events for residents.  I believe it is vital as a well-rounded community to continue to support creativity in various art forms.


Much like the arts, sports and athletics make for healthy living. With the building of our new recreation complex, I would like to connect more with our sports organizations and build up their support and presence in our community.


I am an advocate for a cleaner environment and a smaller carbon footprint.  How that translates on a larger scale is seen in several ways.  Apart from using alternative means of transit, we have; recycling, renewable energy options, protecting nature.




Port Coquitlam has been a leader in its recycling and composting programs.  It has been so much a part of our lives, it can be a challenge to go to another community where recycling doesn’t exist and try and figure out what to do with a can.  We need to stay open and aware of new innovative programs and how they benefit our community.


Renewable Energy: 


As new technology is discovered, it should always be a consideration and incorporated with new or renovated construction.


Eg.  As one of the few residents in Port Coquitlam that has installed solar panels on our roof, I believe in its long term benefits and cost savings.  However, I know there are always newer and cheaper technologies being discovered. 


We should ask do the long term benefits, savings, or impact outweigh initial costs?  I will be open to new ideas yet conservative to approve them if the cost is too high.


Protecting Nature


Council has made many wonderful upgrades to various parks over the years.  It’s important to continue to keep them maintained along with the health of our rivers and streams for everyone’s safety and enjoyment for now and future generations.


I respect rare and heritage trees, however, consideration to their location and proximity to housing as well as tree health needs to be part of the decision whether a tree is retained.  


As a garden enthusiast, I would support more community gardens, clubs and groups, they enhance and beautify neighbourhoods.


We all want to feel safe in our neighbourhoods.  It is important to work with our Law Enforcement and Fire and Emergency Services to best identify areas of concern and support options for prevention.

Business, Finance and Taxes

We have embarked on a wonderful adventure with our Recreation complex, however staying in budget will be important going forward.  We have seen lots of growth recently, keeping a balanced budget and staying within our means will be forefront on my mind. 


I embrace buying local and love our farmer markets. I would engage local business owners for feedback regarding events we host.  Our events should have an overall positive impact on current businesses. 


I would like to see some revitalization to the downtown core that encourages more ‘pedestrian friendly’ walkability.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.  I won’t vote myself a 42% raise.

- Carolyn